bought a michael kors trench coat from nordstrom rack to take with me on my italy adventures. i’ve never felt this cool and stylish before


putting “ohio” in scare quotes whenever you talk about it to give off the impression that you’re not entirely sure whether or not “ohio” is technically a real place


Basically, Luke and Lorelei and Mindy and Danny on a double date should be a thing that exists.

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So, did Toby graduate from Cop School in, like, two weeks? The way time moves on this show is confounding enough as is, but I swear he enrolled in cop school like 5 episodes ago. Although, I guess if it’s only a two week course to become a Rosewood cop, that explains a LOT.

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Bleak House
by Charles Dickens

Random line: It was grand to see how the wind awoke, and bent the trees, and drove the rain before it like a cloud of smoke; and to hear the solemn thunder and to see the lightning; and while thinking with awe of the tremendous powers by which our little lives are encompassed, to consider how beneficent they are and how upon the smallest flower and leaf there was already a freshness poured from all this seeming rage which seemed to make creation new again. (page 254)

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i’m so fucking angry about natalia kills








I’m so furious I’m SO FURIOUS because I really wanted to believe that natalia kills, whose music is about the power in being a girl and not a good girl and not a girl who follows the rules and does everything right but a girl who tears shit up and destroys things and is angry and cruel and wanting and needy and raw, was for me, but apparently I’m wrong

apparently my existence being celebrated in 2 out of 2 million pop songs is actively offensive to her

I’m angry and I’m feeling betrayed and I’m spoiling for a fight and like

god I’m so fucking furious


Just found a video of Donna Tartt talking about Bleak House and she loves it so much. I’m so inspired. Be my professor.

Mona Vanderwaal in Taking This One To The Grave


albus severus potter, you were named after two of my most problematic faves

guess who started thinking about the Bleak House Project againwhile in the shower

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Mine is “good heavens, people.” A tiny little line, but I love it. Or “has the pig escaped again?” Or the ever-wonderful “I’m so pleased you’re here.” Or just Elizabeth laughing when she first sees Pemberley. Or…


Or… every line in the whole movie. Of course I think we must all agree the best part is when Mr. Bingley practices proposing to Jane w/ Mr. Darcy

"there’s something pleasant about his mouth when he speaks"

no contest my favorite line delivery from p&p 2005. u go aunt isobel u thirsty devli



So I’m moving into a new apartment, and I was told that the room had been damaged, but nothing could have prepared me for the fact that someone had carved Li Shang’s head out of the bathroom door and written “We must defeat the Huns!” on it.


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